I’m Astrid, I’m a 25 year old high school teacher in Western Australia.

I started to knit when I was 17 because I just couldn’t focus on my school work, and something about it just made sense for me. I began to collect vintage knitting patterns, and taught myself new techniques from the books I could find. I also started to try creating the patterns in those books, but updating them to look more “now”.

I come from a long line of extremely creative women, and in a lot of ways, knitting connected me to my culture, my heritage, and the amazing women who came before me. I started to get inspired in a general artistic way by both my Latvian heritage and Australian scenery especially, two very different sources of inspiration but with incredible facets and details that I can get lost in.

I was granted an opportunity to travel to Latvia in 2018, and as soon as I stepped foot on the tarmac, a piece of my heart connected and I just felt a deep sense of belonging. I developed a drive to create something real and tangible, and as soon as I came home I started to swatch and create.

Now, I’m about to release my first pattern in September 2019, and I have several lined up ready to follow!

I also have a heart for charity, especially anything that helps to develop education for young people. I am currently in the process of reaching out to two charities, one in Latvia and one in Australia, so that I can donate to each, which can only be made possible through my patterns.

Right now, you can find me knitting with my cat Macchiato next to me, designing new things to make and show you!

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