Welcome 2022! Let’s talk knitting WIPs, a new FO, and plans for Accomplish 2022!

New cup and Wattle Works Double Wide Advent Shawl – first FO of 2022

Welcome to 2022!

I went over my last few episodes on YouTube – Wattle & Wool – and here’s what I did in 2021:

2021 Review

I started the year with pink hair! I started the year with a giveaway from my trip to Broome!


The first WIP I showed was the Sunflower blanket that has had absolutely no development. I used Tiny Owl’s Beekeeper Quilt pattern. – Episode 18

I worked on Dzintars – my top which I still haven’t written up. This was knitted with Ginny’s Dance by Stitchcraft & Wizardry on her DK base. – Episode 18, 19, 20 & 21

I had cast on for the Spirally Sweater by Pickles & Co with the beautiful yarn given to me by my friend Hannah. – Episode 18, 21, 23, 24

I cast on a Christmas tree toy, which I haven’t really touched since… Episode 18

I created Cutie Patootie crop, which I still need to write up! – Episode 19 & 21

I cast on the Yarnia Cowl which is for Anna and Stitchcraft & Wizardry. Ilsa and Marjan tested it for me which I’m so grateful for! – Episode 19 & 20

I made the Baby Easter Beanie and the Erantis Bloomers by KnittingforSif for my niece – Episode 20

I cast on a work cowl to leave at work – Episode 20

I cast on Bouquet for Beth for my old housemate – Episode 20, 21 & 22

I knit the MoonSun Sweater by Uma Knits – Episode 21

I started to dream of the Aelin Cardigan – Episode 21. Wow, my ideas have come a long way from this!

I was knitting on the Wedding Bells set (His and Hers) for my best friend and her husband – Episode 21, 22

I did a test knit for KTSKnits, her Braberrylette! – Episode 22

I started the Solar Beanie using Louie & Lola yarns – Episode 22

I cast on With Beauty and Grace – Episode 22, 23, 24

I knit Alec the Entwined Beanie and made one for myself too! – Episode 23, 28

I made the Tasmania Beanie for Alec, and cast on one for myself too – Episode 24, 25, 28

I cast on Kate’s Beanie for my gorgeous friend Kate! – Episode 25, 26

I made a pink single size blanket using Bernat Casa, and a blue and white one! – Episode 25, 26

I made a singlet using Fibra Natura Papyrus – Episode 26

I cast on Bud in Nuboo – Episode 26, 27

I started the Roald Dahl bobble top – Episode 27

I knit my Nat’s Beanie for my sister’s Christmas present – Episode 27, 28

I knit the Pedestrian Beanie and headband – Episode 28

In 2022, so far I have:

Completed my Wattle Works (Double Wide) Advent Shawl using wool from Chloe of Wool & Works

Started my crescent minis shawl using wool from Ash & Eve Designs

Started my huge 4 colour shawl using wool from Wool & Works

And continued on my Aelin side to side Cardigan – although I now need to rip back quite a bit, which hurts!

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