How to Find Time to Knit?

This is something I see on Instagram over and over again, and something I’m sure we all face – finding time to sit down and spend quality time with our needles.

When we have jobs, friends, family and other commitments, it can be very difficult to find time to carve out time for us.

Some people find knitting is about restoring their mental balance back to a neutral, or positive state. For others, it’s a continuous feeding of their soul, regardless of a mental health check in or not.

For me, it’s both. I find knitting helps provide control for my anxiety – I have it with me constantly, in my bag or car. Even just knowing that I can reach into my bag and stroke my knitting without anyone else knowing gives me a sense of peace – a grown up version of a comfort blanket. But it also helps to restore my inner peace, balancing my mental health with the constant pressures of the day. I find knitting my source of creativity – putting something beautiful into the world with only two sticks and a piece of string.

But finding time can be hard! It all comes down to priorities for me. I know that I need to be in bed by about 9:30 so that I can wind down and get a good nights sleep. I try to keep my room a sanctuary – cozy blankets, clean floors (that’s a struggle!), big pillows, salt lamps and no tv – only books. I will usually knit for at least 30 minutes, listening to music and relaxing slowly.

A lot of my friends have started to expect that I will always have my knitting with me – and the better I become at it, the more I do it!

That’s why I love days like yesterday – Knit In Public Day! It reminds me to take time and knit, and to celebrate this absolute passion of mine.


How about you? How do you make time to knit?

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